About me

It had always been there, crouching among the travel books on the shelf, waiting for the moment to jump into my lugagge and escape with me to nearer or farther places, with the dream of those who want to break from routine and join the pleasant anonymity of a voluntary exile.

But some years ago my friend Photography decided to reveal herself to save me from circumstances that were threatening my self esteem. Photography became my crutch and my protection. I would not fall nor be hurt anymore. And the person who brought her out of the closet was my first photograpy teacher.

"Beatriz´s photography does not show what eyes see in a certain situation, it goes further on, conveying what her heart feels"

Fernando González

There are many people who have been here thru thick and thin. The first, as always, my father. But also my son, my mom, my younger brother, some friends - few in number but good, and also some colleagues from the past or teachers from the present who have, one way or another, been my support or my inspiration.

"I´ve known Beatriz for many years and her ability to get off the ground after each storm astonishes me.

Good luck in this photographic journey".

Ara Malikian

My photos now fly on their own. The die is cast. And the words that the great photographer Soriano dedicated to me are, without him knowing, what I am trying to express: the serenity of a life lived to the fullest as if each second were the last.

"Beatriz Montes, the serene look".

Tino Soriano

Thanks to all of them from the bottom of my heart.